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Kumano kodo Iseji Nisaka-toge Pass


Kihoku Town

World heritage

The Kumano Kodo

Sightseeing spots

Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Prefecture

After Tsudzurato-toge Pass is the second gateway route to Kishu opened in the early Edo period. The feature is to walk down the ramp after entering from the direction of Umegaya. Because of the lush forests, you can enjoy the different scenery in the four seasons.



Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun, Mie Prefecture



Parking Lot




Kihoku Town Accomodation

Takiya En Guesthouse for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

No Meals Included: 3,800 yen Two Meals Included: 7,000 yen …

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Villa Otogi Banashi

"A room for two guests starts at 24,800 yen per person (incl…

Kihoku Town Activities

Mandarin Orange Picking

Taste and compare three varieties of mandarin oranges depend…

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Miyama in Shiki no Sato

This vacation rental costs 5,000 yen for one guest, 4,000 ye…

Kihoku Town Gourmet & Shopping Pacific Saury Sushi (Sanma-zushi) Mehari Sushi

Hajikami Chaya Nara

You can enjoy the famous saury sushi and mehari sushi.

Kihoku Town Gourmet & Shopping Pacific Saury Sushi (Sanma-zushi)

Sugi Sushi

You can enjoy the famous saury sushi.

Kihoku Town Scenery Sightseeing spots

Mt. Tengurasan

A huge rock (Tenguiwa) appeared on the top of the mountain a…

Owase City Activities

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