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Kumano City The Scenic Splendor Series Gourmet Activity Onsen(Hot springs)


熊野の宿海ひかりの日本唯一!世界遺産熊野古道をめぐるヘルスツーリズム認証プログラムの紹介特集ページ!! 東海テレビの番組「スイッチ!」や「ちゃーじ」でも取材を受けで注目を集めています!

Owase City


「アナギの滝」は、地元の人でも知る人ぞ知る、まさに「尾鷲の秘境」。 陰と陽、2つの顔を併せ持つアナギの滝!美しい自然を満喫できる、究極の隠れ癒しスポットです。

Kumano City Kiho Town Activity

Experience Nature

Higashikishu with its majestic and rich natural environment, is home to a multitude of attractions and experiences, including breathtaking scenery and soothing retreats. We will introduce you to these exciting experiences.

Kihoku Town Kumano City Kiho Town Activity


More and more people are getting into camping as their interest in outdoor activities grows. Camping can be enjoyed with family, friends, or solo, and there are various ways to have fun. The Higashikishu region, which is abundant in nature, has multiple campgrounds.

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Mihama Town Kiho Town Rental cycle

Rental Bicycle

If you’re visiting Higashikishu, we suggest renting a bicycle for sightseeing!It's a great way to experience firsthand the ambiance and vibe of your destination. Give the cycling adventure a try!

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Mihama Town Kiho Town Gourmet

Bounty of the Seas

The Higashikishu region has strong connections with the sea, with its beautiful Kumano-nada and intricate ria coastline providing a rich fishing ground. From the many seafoods, we will introduce unique items that are exclusive to Higashikishu.

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Kiho Town The Scenic Splendor Series

The Scenic Splendor Series – Mountains

Higashikishu is a region where the mountains and the sea converge, offering a plethora of breathtaking natural wonders to explore—Mt. Each of these relaxing scenic spots offers a sense of exhilaration upon reaching the summit, accompanied by breathtaking views. Let’s introduce you to these scenic spots.

Kihoku Town Kumano City Kiho Town The Scenic Splendor Series

The Scenic Splendor Series – Rivers

Flowing from the heart of the Odaiyama mountain, the river of Higashikishu cascades down the valley as a stream—occasionally transforming into a waterfall—before finally emptying into the Kumano-nada. The pristine waters of this river are an important source of drinking water for local residents and also serve as a playground for leisure activities. We will introduce distinct river spots, each with its own unique history and features.

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Mihama Town Kiho Town Gourmet

The Special Product Series – Citrus Fruits

Higashikishu is known for its citrus fruits that are bathed in sea breeze and sunlight. We will introduce the unique citrus fruits of Higashikishu.

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Mihama Town Kiho Town Gourmet

Gourmet Series – Sushi

The region of Higashikishu is blessed with abundant seafood and mountain produce, making it a treasure trove of local sushi. Traditional local sushi dishes have been popular in the area for a long time. there are unique sushi dishes not found in other regions. We will introduce beloved sushi dishes that have deeply rooted in the lives of the locals.

Kumano City Mihama Town Seasons

Kumano-zakura Cherry Tree

In 2018, Kumano-zakura cherry tree was announced as a new species of cherry blossom in 103 years. We will introduce the characteristics of Kumanozakura and points of appreciation in Higashikjishu.

Kihoku Town Owase City Kumano City Onsen(Hot springs)

Onsen (Hot Springs)

There are many hot springs in the southern part of the Kii Peninsula, including Higashikishu. Outdoor activities such as hiking in the mountains, exploring the Kumano Kodo, and enjoying river and sea leisure activities are other popular pursuits in Higashikishu. Unwind in a hot spring to relax and wash away fatigue after a long day of adventure.