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Kumano City Accomodation


A one-night stay with two meals included is 8,000 yen with t…

Kumano City Accomodation

Tennyoza Entertainment Guesthouse

Tennyoza, a gorgeous spot with an uninhibited ocean view, is…

Kumano City Accomodation

Seaside Inn Nigishima

A seaside inn available for private house rental. Spend time…

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Villa Otogi Banashi

"A room for two guests starts at 24,800 yen per person (incl…

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Takiya En Guesthouse for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

No Meals Included: 3,800 yen Two Meals Included: 7,000 yen …

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Miyama in Shiki no Sato

This vacation rental costs 5,000 yen for one guest, 4,000 ye…

Kumano City Accomodation


Book a homestay in an old Japanese home still being used in …

Kumano City Accomodation

Farmhouse Mt.HOIRO

Room without meals 3,000 yen

Kumano City Accomodation

Long-term Accommodation Type Room Share “Amayadori”

Stay for 5 days: 25,000 yen (Winter: 21,500 yen) After 6 day…

Mihama Town Accomodation


As we are revising the price, please confirm when you stay

Owase City Accomodation

Enishiba Seizira

1 night per person: 3,000 yen Saturdays, Sundays, and the da…

Kihoku Town Accomodation


10,000 yen from 2 people (1 person)