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Total : 85 / 1〜12

Kiho Town Activities Accomodation

Kiho Town Hisetsu Falls Camp Site

This is a rare camping site in Japan. You can camp in front …

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Miyama in Shiki no Sato

This vacation rental costs 5,000 yen for one guest, 4,000 ye…

Kumano City Accomodation

Long-term Accommodation Type Room Share “Amayadori”

Stay for 5 days: 25,000 yen (Winter: 21,500 yen) After 6 day…

Kumano City Accomodation Hot springs

Yunokuchi Onsen

1 Bungalow 1 night 9,700 yen~, Lodge 1 night 12,300 yen~

Kihoku Town Activities Accomodation

Camp inn Miyama

Cottage 9,800 yen~ Auto site 1,400 yen~

Kihoku Town Accomodation

Ryori Minshuku Mihama

7,560 yen (with 2 meals) 4,320 yen (with breakfast) 3,500 ye…

Mihama Town Accomodation


As we are revising the price, please confirm when you stay

Kumano City Accomodation

Sanae Ryokan

1 night with breakfast Price: 6,050 yen ~

Owase City Accomodation

Toto Club Shuku

10,000 yen per night * 3,000 yen for each additional person

Kihoku Town Accomodation


Room without meals 1 person 6,600 yen (tax included) With d…

Owase City Accomodation

Enishiba Seizira

1 night per person: 3,000 yen Saturdays, Sundays, and the da…

Kiho Town Accomodation

Business Hotel Aline Sunlight

Room without meals (single): 5,300 yen Room without meals (t…