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Amanatsu Juice Squeezing & Marmalade Jam & Saury Sushi Making


Owase City


165-4 Temmaura, Owase-shi, Mie Prefecture

You can pick citrus, squeeze the fresh fruit to drink, and make marmalade jam and saury sushi.



165-4 Temmaura, Owase-shi, Mie Prefecture




Irregular Closed Days

Ticket Info

Consultation required


Experienceable period: Citrus juice and marmalade jam: March to June, saury sushi: all year
Experienceable time: Please contact us to confirm
Target age: Elementary school students and above *Infants need to be accompanied by a guardian
Number of receptionists: Please contact us to confirm, at least 5 people
Experience place: Notified when making a reservation



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