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Owase City Activities


どうして尾鷲は雨がよく降るのかな どうして山の上に大きな石が乗っているのかな不思議を解決します

Owase City Activities The Kumano Kodo Sightseeing spots

セラピストと歩く 馬越峠・天狗倉山

Owase City Activities


Kumano City Activities

Hunting Experience

Instead of hunting, we go for a walk with hunters in the sur…

Owase City Activities

Set Net Fishing Experience

On a sightseeing fishing boat (G OCEAN), you can experience…

Kumano City Activities

Amago Grabbing Experience

Summer only! You can experience picking up Amago. Experience…

Kumano City Activities

Tea Picking Experience

You can experience picking and roasting tea in the neighbori…

Kumano City Activities

Mountain Walking Experience

You can stroll along the trails where Kumano Kodo still rema…

Kumano City Activities

Making Dried Fish Experience

Cut the Amago, take out the internal organs and soak in salt…

Kumano City Activities

Amago Feeding Experience

One of Akakura’s aquatic products, the clear stream goddess …

Kumano City Activities

Playing in the River Experience (guide to surrounding places, not experience)

In the beautiful clear stream of the Ogawa River that flows …

Kumano City Activities

Starry Sky Watching (guide to surrounding places, not experience)

There are no extra light sources in the woodland near the v…